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About ProfitFarmers

Our Mission is to bring the chance for hassle-free, profitable trading to everyone, no matter your experience.

With members farming profits in almost every continent of the world we are well on our way to achieving our goals!

Welcome friend,
I’m Matthew, the founder of

I just want to say that I know how hard trading crypto is in the beginning. The unrealistic offers, overnight millionaire videos, nasty small print, and outright scams. So many people have gone through the exact same thing.

ProfitFarmer’s technology is your way to skip straight to the profits without all that hassle. It’s exactly what I wish I had in the beginning all those years ago.

Not sure what to buy or sell? Confused by the unlimited information pouring in from social media, and news outlets? No worries, just copy expert trades with a couple of clicks.

Seasoned traders listen up…as a group of professional cryptocurrency traders we understand the pain of sleepless nights, price alarms waking you up at 4am and the endless emotional turmoil that comes with a 24/7 market which is why we developed our platform to be YOUR Crypto Co-pilot.

[Matthew Tansley]
Matthew Tansley / Founder  

Now you have the option to just ‘set it and forget it’. Once a trade plan is created (or copied), the system monitors the market and triggers everything at the right time without the need for any further micromanagement unless you decide you want some updates later.

Finally traders can relax and take their emotions out of the equation.

Other solutions charge hidden fees and commissions. Not us. Our system doesn’t touch your money, every cent of profit you make is yours to keep. You can cancel your membership at any time if you decide ProfitFarmers isn’t for you.

So with no nonsense, no hidden fees and no crafty smallprint to worry about…

What’s stopping you from becoming the next ProfitFarmer?

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