Отзывы о Экспертный центр РФ (EXC) ООО «Марс»

Официальный сайт: https://экспертный-центр.рф/

Телефон: 7(499) 216-01-27

Адрес: Москва Павелецкая площадь 2/2

О компании

IdeaLawGroup — a high-tech broker for trading liquid financial instruments

IdeaLawGroup provides loyal trading conditions that are tailored to the interests of traders. Since its foundation, the company has been fighting for the title of the best CFD broker on the European continent. And 6 international awards — this is the first step to the cherished goal. Join a successful team to reach the top together!

Since 2018, the IdeaLawGroup team has been working to create a better quality of service

According to the results of an internal survey, 98% of registered users are satisfied with the work of the IdeaLawGroup team. Each trader receives not only professional service, but also privileged trading conditions.

The overall goal of the IdeaLawGroup team is to become the No. 1 broker in the world

  • Increase the number of active accounts to 500 000

If the current trend continues, in 2 years our company will register half a million real accounts.

  • Make CFD trading even easier and easier

Already, the IdeaLawGroup team is working on a strategy to reduce the spread level and increase the speed of order processing.

IdeaLawGroup is a reliable partner for profitable CFD trading

When choosing a broker, the quality of service and real trading conditions come first. IdeaLawGroup uses advanced technologies for high-quality liquidity. Traders feel the high speed of order execution, the absence of requotes and slippage, as well as the transparency of accrual of small spreads.

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