Отзывы о Rockhopper Algorithmics (Rockhopper Algorithmics) http://rockhopper-algorithmics.com

Официальный сайт: http://rockhopper-algorithmics.com

Телефон: info@rockhopper-algorithmics.com

Адрес: 44 Esplanade St. Helier Jersey JE4 9WG

О компании

Rockhopper Algorithmics is an emerging quantitative hedge fund incorporated in Jersey (Channel Islands), with a subsidiary in London
and a proprietary fund domiciled on the Cayman Islands. Rockhopper is committed to pushing the boundaries of academically oriented statistical research and cutting-edge scientific computing for the benefit of its investors. The company is firmly grounded on strong ties
to its clients, employees and service providers which are based on a culture of genuine trust and mutual respect.

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