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Адрес: Liverpool | England, UK

О компании

Kripto Future is a community based on blockchain technology. It has a set of business units that generate an ecosystem, making its affiliates profitable directly and allowing the company to obtain more resources for financial sustainability in the future.

The cold wallet (Cold Wallet) is a blockchain technology system where the security system is called EAL7.

This cold wallet will be available to our kripto future community, where you can save their digital cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously.

The system was developed after the problem of many countries where local governments will be obliged to have access to the amount of crypto of users in all exchanges, in South Korea, for example, 95% of users keep their cryptocurrencies in Exchange that will be monitored by the government. Cold Wallet will have total anonymity and without having KYC (Know Your Client), in addition Cold Wallet is the only wallet that will pay you 2% per month, where the people can withdraw their cryptocurrencies whenever they want.

Kripto Academy

Kripto Future’s main focus is qualification and trainig.

Kripto Academy is a digital product that will be provided to out affiliates who join an investment package.

We hire the best specialist in the market to fenerate high-level courses and trainings with carious topics, such as: Blockchain Fundamentals, Crypto Taxation, NFT, Mining, High Frequency Operations and many others.

We will also have courses with the best traines on the market, both in the motivational area and in technival matters for our entire community exclusively.

Currently, personalized courses are being developed for the entire community.

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