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Lead Generation

We build a database according to your needs We generate OVER 1,500,000 LEADS A MONTH with unique segmentation

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the best channels to get online results, and 10 years support our extensive experience in this field. If you’re looking to hit users with your email marketing campaigns, adSalsa provides a live database with numerous segmentation options

Mobile Marketing

Aldaniti can help you in your Mobile strategy.From creative development, email campaigns and landing pages adapted to the mobile format, the development and promotion of Mobile Applications, maximizing the potential of your Applications and generating quality traffic for them.

Marketing Offline

Aldaniti gives you the ability to reach your potential customers through different channels of off-line directly. Ensuring the highest quality and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act. For this we give you the option to use our database for mailing campaigns, SMS and telemarketing.

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